Clovis / Fresno - Monday Nights (between the hours of 11pm - 6am Tuesday mornings)

Bakersfield (North of Stockdale Highway)- Tuesday during the day (between the hours of 8am - 5pm Tuesday)

Bakersfield (South of Stockdale Highway)- Wednesday during the day (between the hours of 8am - 5pm Wednesday)

Visalia - Tuesday Nights (between the hours of 10pm - 6am Wednesday mornings)

City of Lemoore, Hanford and Tulare (within city limits) - Wednesday Nights (between the hours of 11pm - 6am Thursday mornings)

North & South Rural - Friday during the day (between the hours of 6am - 3pm (areas outside of city limits: Tulare, Tipton, Visalia, Exeter, Lindsay)

Effective 01/31/19 - we will no longer be offering home delivery to NAS Lemoore.

You have until 1:00 pm the day before your delivery to place or change your order.

Put your ice chest out the night before you have your order delivered. Help us keep your products fresh by placing ice or ice packs in your ice chest. If no ice chest is left out, the milkman will leave your products in an cold bag with ice for a non-refundable charge of $5.00.

The minimum order is $10 worth of product.


This delivery truck is empty!